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Didier Kisala
a musician and manager


The founder member of Birmingham based Congolese band The Redeemed

as a manager..

Didier Kisala is the founder member of Birmingham based Congolese band The Redeemed, a movement of youthful energy including singers, guitarists, dancers and drums.  Hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo Didier united young musicians who were passionate about music to create something different which reflected their heritage and a broad range of influences including Rumba, Sebene, Zouk, Jazz, Gospel and more. Alongside The Redeemed Didier has also performed with smaller emsembles, creating a beautiful and soulful performance.  A regular contributor to Celebrating Sanctuary events, Didier has performed at BE Festival, Ort Cafe, Stone Road Initial Accommodation for Asylum Seekers,and New Collaorations event with Spoken Word artists.

as an artist..

Didier was also involved with project by the British Red Cross, to release a ground-breaking concept album based on the real-life experiences of refugees and asylum seekers, in collaboration with some of the country’s top musicians and internationally acclaimed artists. The Long Road album will see artists including spoken word poet Scroobius Pip, singer-songwriter Kindness, Tinariwen and the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars. Brit Award winner Ethan Johns, who has worked with the Kings of Leon, Laura Marling and The Vaccines, will produce the album. Didier had the opportunity to record with Scroobius and Ethan, over the summer, at the prestigious Real Wold Studios.

Our Workshop

project management…

Didier has now opened a workshop in teaching young people aged between 10-15 years old how to place musical instruments especially¬† (Guitar,keyboard, drum and also singing technics…) Starting from scratch we selecting young people according to their ability or interest in any music instruments and giving basic lesson on how they can use it.


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